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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Late Birthday Present

I received a late birthday present from my Mom in the Philippines last Friday. A birthday banner, Even though it was late, I was so happy when I saw it.She already told me that she sent a letter for me but I never expect it also had a banner. She also sent a birthday card and a birthday banner for my hubby as he will celebrate his birthday this coming Feb. 07. When my hubby saw the banner for me, he asked me if Mama also sent a banner for him, I lie! I told him no, he feel bad and he looked upset. I feel guilty looking at him sad so I gave to him the birthday card, he was very happy with the card specially it was a home made card. I kept his birthday banner for his big day as I am going to give him a surprise party as pay back of the surprise party he gave me.


klivengood said...

Hi Dat, pareho sila bday sa ako bana...bday pod niya sa Feb 07, belated happy birthday sa yo then advance haapy bday sa hubby mo...hala wa kay bisita-bisita sa WOF, daghan na kaayo balita didto, suroy didto ba.

ronin said...

unsay news man didto?