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Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Friday!

My pinay friend Myla with her hubby Joe

It's friday again!! So happy when friday come because It means i will be able to spent the following two days with my hubby.This morning my pinay friend called and invited us to go boating tomorrow with our another pinay friend,without asking my hubby i answered!! I know my hubby will agree also co'z I know he loves to go boating too..Just finished cooking dinner so by the time will hubby will come home to work,we can eat our dinner and rush to walmart get few stuff for tomorrow,I'm so excited and can't wait to ride the pantoom boat of Joe and Myla!!

the cove

my hubby

his fav. chicken wings..

mine is fish!!

our fav..fried mushroom

I went out last night with my hubby and we ate dinner in one of our favorite restaurant "the cove", we also wanted to visit our Malaysian friend who work there,but unlucky she was not there coz she's having her day off.As always my hubby ordered his favorite chicken wings (spicy mild ) and this time I ordered grilled fish,dont know what kind of fish was that,i'll just ate it and its yummy!!we had our fried mushroom as appetizer.We went home stuffed to death..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good Mowning!!

Hello World! Good mowning!It is not a good start of the day for me,I woke up late..grrrr...I had a rough night,i was suffering homesick,again?I've been here in the US for two months and still suffered homesick sometimes,I was crying,my hubby was crying,I felt bad about it but happy knowing that he cares for me and doesn't want to lose me.When i woke up this morning he already finished his shower,so i rushed making his lunch,he even helped me..bad ADAT!!I just send off my hubby for work with a big Kiss and a huge Hug..darm! I miss him already..

Monday, August 25, 2008

july 19, 2008

Click to play our wedding
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I just want to share some photos during our wedding,It was not as perfect as it is but it turns just!It was the happiest day of my life,marrying the most wonderful man is the most best thing that ever happened into my life.That day was full of laughter and tears..(tears of happiness of course! )I enjoyed dancing the chicken dance..hehehe..Thanks to my pinay friend,whow happens we have the same name "MARIA" for all the help and for such being a good friend,luv u gurl!!