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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not yet ready!

Eight days more to go and it's already Christmas, but I am not yet ready! I am still waiting for the items I ordered online,the gifts for my hubby.I am not good when it comes to giving gifts,I really had a hard time thinking what to give for my hubby.If i already have something on my mind it's hard because I cannot go out alone and pick up the item.Every time i go out,he's always with me.I had no chance to choose something for him, he's like a puppy always following me, peaking on me and telling me he is like a little boy at Christmas can't wait to know what his gifts are.I don't like online shopping because the items looks nicer in the computer but not in person,but this time I have no choice! I go with the flow..I do hope the items will arrive before we will leave for Virginia.If not, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....I will kick my own butt.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bakasyon Grande!

A week from today we will be heading to Fancy Gap Virginia! We are going to spend Christmas in my Parents in law. We will be staying there for 1 week! WOW!! I can't wait..! I was still in the Philippines my hubby already planned this vacation.He got 2weeks leave from work,so he can spend more time with us. Today I will start packing our clothes..sounds like I'm am not excited ha! LOL..!!
I'm looking forward to see the snow and make snowman in it.My hubby told me that if there would be no snow in my in-law's place we will travel somewhere just to find a snow,wew! his so sweet!!!