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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Diet Update

So far i lost 4 lbs., I am 126 lbs. now. It's really hard! Sometimes i had to cheat, instead of eating 1 cup of rice, i will make it 2. No more sweets and most of the foods that i eat now are non fat foods. Even the chicken, i Peel off the skin and just baked it or steam it, boil veggies with very little salt in it, it's tasteless!

Before i love to watch bizarre foods, now i quit on watching it cos my tummy starts to rumble every time i see food. I'm teasing my Hubby that i will go home now cos he starve me to death. I was not thinking, he is also starve to death. His popcorn diet with matching fish oil is working good.

Long way to go....but i will not give up. I want my 26 waistline back! LOL..

Passport Renewal

This past Monday, we went to Fort Lauder dale to renew my passport and report our marriage. I had my appointment at 2:30. We left at around 8 a.m., It was a long drive. I fall asleep on the way so with my daughter. When i woke up, were almost on our destination. We arrived there at around 12 noon, we first search the location of the consulate office then after we found it we went out and had our lunch.

After lunch we went back to the consulate office. I was surprised when we get inside the office there are lots of Filipino's waiting for the consul. The office was full pack. A very nice Gay entertained me, he get all my papers and took a picture of me for my passport. We waited for a little while as the Consul was late, she was helping a Filipino who is in jail.

I was 3rd on the line, the processing was very fast. The Consul was very nice too. She called my name and let me sign all the documents. The passport renewal will took 2 months. So by Dec., i will receive my new passport and a copy of our report of marriage. We left the office at 3:30, arrived home at 7:30, were all tired and we all slept like a rock.

No Mail!

It's been 2 days that we did not receive mail, even junk! It is really unusual. First time, straight for 2 days that we have no mail. My hubby said that if tomorrow we still have no mail, he will call the post office to check if everything is doing fine.It's a good thing though that we have no mail, mean to say no bills!!! LOL