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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Diet Update

So far i lost 4 lbs., I am 126 lbs. now. It's really hard! Sometimes i had to cheat, instead of eating 1 cup of rice, i will make it 2. No more sweets and most of the foods that i eat now are non fat foods. Even the chicken, i Peel off the skin and just baked it or steam it, boil veggies with very little salt in it, it's tasteless!

Before i love to watch bizarre foods, now i quit on watching it cos my tummy starts to rumble every time i see food. I'm teasing my Hubby that i will go home now cos he starve me to death. I was not thinking, he is also starve to death. His popcorn diet with matching fish oil is working good.

Long way to go....but i will not give up. I want my 26 waistline back! LOL..