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Monday, October 12, 2009


Our Fil/Am couple invited us for a Camping, Boating and Fishing this weekend. This is there second invitation to us,the first time we refused because we were busy. They just bought a very big Tent, good for 9 persons. They wanted to have company and they know that my Hubby love to go boating and fishing so they invited us.

At first I have second thoughts if we have to go or not because I am concern about Roberta, the weather is still very warm and she cannot sleep without A/C. Me and my Hubby had a hard time deciding if we have to go or not. He like to go but he is also concern because he also cannot sleep without A/C. We both love doing outdoor activities. We have 2 boats but not working so good, my Hubby is still working on it. We have Canoe but I'm scared to ride on it. We decided to give it a try. We will go Camping this weekend. I asked my friend about what things to bring in going Camping. This is my first time going camping, I have no idea what to bring. When she told me on what to bring, I want to back out. She mention a lot of things, my Hubby was teasing me to just bring the entire house except for the sink..LOL!

My hubby is very excited already, he told me to start preparing now. If i have to bring the entire house then no sense of preparing. I just have to remove the sink and were ready to go! hehehe...

Before he went to bed, he looked at the weather channel and he was very happy when he knew that the weather on Saturday will be 76 during day time and 54 @ night..Were really looking forward on this adventure. Surely a blast for everyone.