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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Learner's Permit

Last Aug 31, I took the learner's permit test at the DMV office in Crystal River. Praise God! I pass the exam. After the test, my hubby brought me to the back roads and tried my driving ability. At first i was so nervous. Glad i have a very nice instructor, very patient and won't yield. Then he told me to drove to the highway, I was scared to death. My Hubby told me to just listen to him,and follow every word his going to say and everything will be alright. Everything was alright but it's like my soul separate from my body that time. First time i drove on the highway for 60 mph. When i step out of the car, my arms and legs are shaking and i had some step neck.

Since then every time we go out, I'll be the one to drive. I surprised my Hubby last weekend, I drove to the town. The traffic was heavy but i managed it. First time i tried parking the car and it was not bad,i did not hit any car, a little crocked as what my hubby told me. I still have to work on reserve,cos i step the on the gas left and right turn,i jump to the other lane and change lane, i just change lane without looking or checking if its okey to change.LOL!

This weekend i will drive again.My Hubby is more excited than me. Before I'm the one who will took pictures of him driving, but now he is the one who took pictures of me.

first time in the wheel...@ highway 44

my temporary learner's permit

my hubby having fun, taking pics. of me..I love you Kulas!


I'm back again! I was sick for almost a month, I was not feeling well due to some head ache, bitter taste, vomiting and stomach ache. At first i thought i was pregnant because I didn't have my mens for Aug., i was craving for food also, The worst part was im craving for Filipino foods. I let my hubby bought a pregnancy test, I'm taking pills but i know it's not safe, their still possibility that I will get pregnant specially i forgot to take it daily. The result of the test was Not Pregnant, i used the three pregnancy test to make it sure but still it was negative.

I don't like seeing a Dr., every time my hubby told me to call for Dr. appointment,i won't listen, he called me "HH" stands for Hard Headed when it comes to Dr.'s. But this time i called for a Dr.'s appointment. My Filipina friend have a Friend who is a Dr. and happens to be a Filipina and from Bohol too.

I had my appointment last Aug. 21st, My Dr. is from Jagna Bohol and her name is Sheila, she's very nice and I was very comfortable talking with her because we speak both Binol anon. I told her everything i feel and suffer. She asked everything about my health history, I remember my OB told me to look for a family Dr. because my thyroid result was high. So i had some blood test again, it sucks! the nurse pock me twice, she did not see the vain, grrrr!
Sheila told me that what i feel was symptoms of Hypothyroidism. She explained to me what Hypothyroidism is and she told me to research it on the web to know more about it. We have to wait for the result of my blood test and she will get my records from my OB to compare the results before she can give the right medication. She gave me medicine for the bitter taste and for the head ache. I felt so bad because I thought I'll be okey after seeing a Dr. but nothing happened.

Monday, Aug. 31, Sheila called me and telling me she already have the results, she confirm i have hypothyroidism. At first i was worried, but she told me nothing to worried, she send her prescription to Winn Dixie pharmacy. She told me to take the pills daily.
I've been taking the medicine for nine days now and so far I already feel the difference. I feel better now, not 100 % but better compare to yesterday. I have my next Dr.'s appointment on the 14th. Hopefully no more hypothyroidism.