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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Birthday gift

After my visit to the Dr.,We went to Kmart. I bought a watch for my Mama in the Philippines as our birthday gift for her. She will be celebrating her 61st birthday this coming Feb. 02. My hubby last year gave her watch also but she gave it to my elder Sister,I hope this time she will not give the watch. I sent 2 watches, the other watch will be for my brother who will celebrate his 31st birthday on Feb. 05,the watch that I sent to my Bro was from eBay. I was dying to win that watch just for him. I'm so glad I won the bidding. Sounds too early I mailed it today yet I want to make it sure It will arrive on time. I hope they will like it and also they will enjoy eating the chocolates that I send too.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Template

I just finished changing the template of my blog. It has been a long time I was using the old template.Glad I made it this time.I've been trying to changed it but I was lazy doing it...Even if it's only 2 columns now but I like it more compare to the one I had. I still have to change more on my blog but it's already late in the evening!! gosh!!! my Hubby is already snoring and I guess I'm the only person awake this time..
So, more next time..This all for now...Good nyt!!

Happy blogging!!!

Doctor's Visit

I went to my Dr.'s appointment today with my hubby. He took a day off just to accompany me to the DR. It was my first time here seeing a Gynecologist. I went to the Genesis Women's Clinic in town. The people there were so nice and so with my Dr.They called me right on time and the examination was fast. They gave me all kinds of examination, first time I had my pap smear and sonogram ultrasound. The UTI that I thought was not a UTI at all. The reason why I suffered to much pain on the right side of my belly is that I have some tiny little cyst in the right side of my ovary. The Dr. told me that there's nothing to be worried about as it is common to woman to have cyst,specially at this age. At first I was scared thinking it might be cancerous, but thank GOD the Dr. told me that on this kind of cyst it is very rare to become cancerous. She told me I am in good shape and nothing to be worried about. She gave me medicine to be taken 2 x daily till on my next visit which will be on Feb. 20, 09. The medicine will help ease the pain and will dissolve the cyst.
I am still waiting for the result of my pap smear and I'm praying that the result would be fine.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not feeling well

I'm not feeling well today.I have UTI, again! I had this since I was still in VA., keep eating salty foods,and drinking Soda was the main cause of this.I'm taking antibiotics but it didn't effect. The pain is getting worst. I have my Dr.'s appointment on Friday so I just have to wait for it.Even if I want to go now, I can't because no one can take me to the Dr.,my hubby is at work and I don't want him to take a day off just because of me...well!! I'm not dying yet and I think I can still reach until Friday...So!! keep on breathing tad!!! heheh

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My 1st Christmas in the US

I'm back again! It's been a while I did not visit my blog, I was so busy and tired and a little sick after our long Christmas vacation.

My 1st Christmas here in the US was awesome!Despite of the long travel and pain in the butt in going to Virginia,It was a 13 hours drive and my baby was not enjoying it.She was so cranky inside the car but luckily we manage her to calm down and enjoy the trip.We spent 5 days in Fancy Gap Virginia with my parents in law.The weather there was cold, I was freezing to death.Mostly we just stayed inside the house as it was so fogy, we can't see anything!I was a little disappointed because no snow!

I gain 3 kilos for 5 days! I felt so bad about it but I cant resist the foods!! My Mom in law prepared a lot of foods,but no Filipino foods!! hehehe...I brought 1 Tupperware of rice when i went there,I started cooking it on the second night,I cannot live without rice.

The best 2 parts of our vacation is seeing the beauty of Virginia and opening the Christmas gifts..First time I received a bounce of gifts and I feel like a child so excited waking up in the morning to opened the gifts.Virginia is a very beautiful place,very clean and have the fresh Izzy water. My hubby and I were planning to get a property there by the time he retired.