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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Advance Parole

Just received our advance parole notice today from USCIS. Everything goes on fast. I'm hoping our GC will arrive next..

Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy ..busy Weekend

Last Saturday we went boating with our fil/am couple friend Myla&Joe. Me and my Hubby love boating, so we did not say no when they invited us. We spent the whole day in the river. We went to Suwanee River, very wide and beautiful river. I brought marinated chicken wings for lunch and some chips. We anchor in the middle of the river. I feel so bad because we did not see any gators, they were hiding because there was flood last month and the river is high and the water runs fast. The water was dark and lots of logs floating. Despite of all the flood effect, we still had a great time. That was my first experienced boating in a big river. I had a great time driving the boat, it was a great experience being the captain, even in a short time. It was not that easy as i thought, specially there was some logs on the river, cos of the help of my Hubby I managed the boat right.

The following day Sunday, we went to Myla and Joe's house, they invited us for swimming together with some other fil/am couples. We missed the church, we woke up late, tired from boating. We spent the whole afternoon swimming in there pool. The water was nice so with the weather.. We had a was so nice spending time with the other fil/am couple. First time I saw a Kano got drunk, and it was so funny..hehehe...It was also a celebration of the birth of there 1st grandson Ethan.

To our dear friend Myla&Joe..........THANK YOU SA UULITIN!!