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Monday, January 18, 2010

My 30th birthday

I turn 3o years old today, almost out of the calendar, I am not really worried about my age because it's only a number and I don't feel that I'm 30. Just so thankful that I reached to this age and blessed with a wonderful family.

Past Friday was my father in laws 74Th birthday, Since they are here in Florida right now, we decided to gave him a surprise birthday party. Past Saturday we gave him a surprised party. He is not the only one who was surprised, including me, cos the party was for the two of us. My Mom in law bought a cake for me. That is why when we ordered the cake for Dad It was only a small cake cos Mom will bought another cake. My Hubby invited my closest Pinay friend, I was kinda embarrass cos I only prepared bam-i, but thank God my bam-i was so yummy,they all liked it and nothing left. I never thought that my Hubby will gave me a party because I already told him not to gave me one.

To my Hubby and my In Laws..Thank you so much for making my special day a memorable one..and also for the gifts...To my friends and relatives who sent there wishes, Thank you so much.