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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Busy Life

My life is still very busy now a days. Still working with my flower garden and planting few vegetables. It is very hard to plant flowers and veggies here because the soil is not good, just like sand plus the squirrel keep on digging my garden. I want to finish planting before summer comes. It's still spring but the weather is already like summer . I'm getting even more darker everyday. My hubby like it so much and i hate it so much..hehehe...grrrrr!!! I need whitening lotion!!! lol..

I just enrolled online for the drug and alcohol course. I am serious now of getting my restricted driver's license. I feel so bored staying at home and being dependent with my Hubby almost 24/7. Can't go out with out him..I want to do things by myself and go somewhere by myself too. Feel so bad for him, I have to drag him sometimes after work if I have to buy something in the store. Just so blessed of being him as my Hubby because he is very patience, understanding and supportive. I can't wait to drive in highway 44...I admit I am scared, I don't want to die due to car crash but I have no choice..they said..driving here in the US is more than necessity than privilege..