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Friday, June 19, 2009

11 Months Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 11 months wedding anniversary. I can't believe how time pass by so quickly, It's just like yesterday I said I Do! My hubby asked me last night if I had any regrets..I told him 100 % no regrets. I am the most fortunate one. I marry the most wonderful man alive..heheeh..It's been a year i married him and he is just the same man i meet 2 years ago.

Im Back

It's been a while I did not write anything here. I was not feeling well the past few weeks, then got sick again last week. Even this week I'm still sick but not as bad as last week.

At last I already had my period, it took 5 days and it was horrible. The cramps was so bad, very painful. I had some sleepless nights. I cried in the middle of the night and woke up my hubby, asked helped cos of too much pain. He bought a Midol for my menstrual cramps and took it. I didn't knew that it has some side effects. It makes me hungry, makes my heart beat faster and I made me more sleepless cos it has caffeine on it. Things become worst, I took 8 tables of Midol, after that i stopped cos I can't take my stomach cramping, i just keep on eating but still I feel hungry.
I called my Dr. and told her what happened to me. She just told me everything is falling into the right place, and what i feel is normal.

Last Sunday I start taking my birth control pills to help regulate my blood. So far the pills didn't gave me bad side effects. I really hope my period will turn back to normal. My hubby can't wait for me to get pregnant.

Now, I am doing some catch up, doing the things I missed doing last week when I was sick.. Do some cleaning, making sure the house is clean before we leave for vacation next weekend.

All for now....Happy weekend everyone!!