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Saturday, December 6, 2008

No more Memeng!!


I feel sorry for my pet because I returned him to the animal shelter today. My hubby was allergy to him. He didn't tell me that he is allergic to cat! Since the cat was here he got sick! He didn't want memeng to be return back to the animal shelter right away co'z he thinks he will be used to it,so he sacrifice his self being sick. Last Thursday night, we almost go to the emergency room because he was out of breath.After what happened he decided to let go Memeng..I just hope that someone will adopt Memeng as he is a very nice cat,the animal shelter is not the right home for him.

To Memeng..Were really Sorry!

Busy Life..

It's been a while I don't have any update with my blog. I was busy with my life in the past days, busy preparing for Christmas, decorating, did online shopping for gifts, which I don't like. Today we roam around, get few more gifts for family and friends and thank God it's all done.
I also send today Christmas cards and few stuff things for my family in the Philippines.I just hope they will receive it before Christmas. I still have to write Christmas cards for my family and friends sucks! I love to write but I don't like seeing my penmanship!! it's so eww!! plus I can't straight without a line!! My gracious!!!
For those who can receive Christmas cards from me! pls. don't mind the's the thought that counts.
This all for now, I still have to wrap the gifts that we bought.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!