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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!


Tomorrow would be our 2ND Halloween here in the US. Just finished preparing Roberta's costume. She slept early, very much excited for tomorrow's event. Before I will go to bed, I just want to great everyone a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
Hope u guys will have a wonderful time tricking or treating your family and friends.

All for now...awoooooooooooooooo....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Balikbayan Box

Got another txt from my Mom, this time it's about the 2 Balikbayan Boxes I sent last Aug. They received it yesterday. First time I sent Balikbayan Box and they like everything inside the box. I'm not realy sure now if I can still send another for Christmas, but I am sure they will receive Christmas gifts from us despite of the recession were facing right now.

All for now.nyt folks!

Long Lost Bff............She's back!

Just received a txt message from my Mom, My heart jumped for Joy when i read the txt. My Bff Kuya Nerissa texted her after a very long time, asking where I am now, my number and my e-mail address. I've been looking for her in friendster, facebook, and even posted at the bulletin in friendster but i did not received any response. My Mom said that she needs help, her Mom will undergo surgery operation and that she is in the hospital attending her Mom. I called my Mom right away and asked her cellphone number. I called Kuya Nerissa but the darn signal was so bad! it's cutting on and off, but i did not put the phone down. I'm dying to hear her voice. Got tears in my eyes when i heard her voice, i don't understand what she's saying but i knew she knew it was me. I sent her a text message telling her i will call again tomorrow. It's late in the evening but I don't feel sleepy yet. I am so happy and excited to hear about Kuya Neri. She is my Bff in Bohol. She's like a younger Sister to me. SOmetimes i got jealous cos she is close to my Mom. People think were crazy cos everytime were together, were so wacky and the name we called each other is kinda weird too. She called me Mami Ninz and I called her Kuya Neri.

I lost communication with her because my cellphone was stolen. Now that our communication is back, I will never lose her again.

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To bad, I cannot grab this opportunity as I don't have my Passport yet. How i wish i renewed my passport earlier.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cute Present

I was tickle to death this evening when my Hubby came home from work. I was in Roberta's room cleaning and he drag me to the kitchen to show me something. He told me i hope i will not get mad and he let me close my eyes.I hate surprises ,but i closed my eyes..when he told me to open it , i saw this cute figurine for Halloween decoration. I was kinda speechless deep in side cos i was expecting something different, a girl stuff or something but not a figurine. I appreciate anything from him. When Halloween is over, i will put that thing in our keepsake cabinet and will keep it till forever.

I'm kinda confused, why he gave me that gift, maybe i already look like scare screw cos I've been cranky in the past days. Maybe he want me to think that I'm scary as the scare screw when I'm not in the mood..LOL!! To my Kulas, thank you for the gift and for the wonderful dinner. Also for supporting and understanding me always. 5254!!!

Lastly for the cinnamon sticks..your such a great cook..LOL!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Costume

Yesterday we bought a Halloween costume for Roberta. We had a hard time choosing the best costume for her. We had our last minute shopping and most of the beautiful costumes are already sold. Before the day end, we finally found a costume for our daughter. It's a Bee Fairy costume. She like it very much. She looks very cute and pretty with the dress. I took a picture of her wearing the costume, she's the cutest bee I've even seen. She can't wait for the treat or treating.

Whooga Ugg Boots Giveaways

Last month i joined the Whooga Ugg Boots Giveaway contest in You will see on my blog i have a whooga ugg badge. This morning, when i checked my email, I was surprised when I saw an email from Whooga, at first I thought it was a spam. When i read it, it says I am the new winner of the free Ugg Boots from Whooga. Then i remembered about the ugg boots giveaway contest that i been joining. I can't believe that i won. I was so happy and right away i click the link on how to claim my free Ugg Boots. I called my Hubby, and he helped me choose my prize. Very good timing cos next month we will be going to VA to celebrate thanksgiving, I can use my Ugg boots when I'm there. Can't wait for my Ugg boots to arrive.