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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cute Present

I was tickle to death this evening when my Hubby came home from work. I was in Roberta's room cleaning and he drag me to the kitchen to show me something. He told me i hope i will not get mad and he let me close my eyes.I hate surprises ,but i closed my eyes..when he told me to open it , i saw this cute figurine for Halloween decoration. I was kinda speechless deep in side cos i was expecting something different, a girl stuff or something but not a figurine. I appreciate anything from him. When Halloween is over, i will put that thing in our keepsake cabinet and will keep it till forever.

I'm kinda confused, why he gave me that gift, maybe i already look like scare screw cos I've been cranky in the past days. Maybe he want me to think that I'm scary as the scare screw when I'm not in the mood..LOL!! To my Kulas, thank you for the gift and for the wonderful dinner. Also for supporting and understanding me always. 5254!!!

Lastly for the cinnamon sticks..your such a great cook..LOL!!