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Friday, February 20, 2009

Dr.'s Appointment

Just arrived home from my Dr.'s appointment. I had 2 appointments today, first was my OB Gyne and second is in the health department to have my Varicella vaccine for my AOS.

I still have the cyst in my ovary, it's only a tiny cyst, my OB told me that it's no big deal. My ovary is working too much, producing eggs too much which only one egg will be chosen. Were trying of having a baby and it can help make the cyst relax and gone. My hubby was very happy about it and can't wait for me to get pregnant.

When I went to had my vaccine, they didn't gave me the shot because they are scared that I might be pregnant and it can affect the babies health. I was a little disappointed of my self today because I did not let my OB check if I'm preggy or not. How i wish I told her about getting the vaccine..If i will have the vaccine, I can't be pregnant because the vaccine is a live virus and it can affect the fetus. I don't want to have an unhealthy baby. I have to wait for three months to continue conceiving. It is very complicated for now. My hubby really wants me to get pregnant now but I also need the vaccine for my AOS, so badly.

I will still have to call my OB and set another appointment again to make things clear out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Party

We had a blast during our Fil/am couples Valentines party last Saturday. We had a great time seeing other Fil/am couples. The food was mostly Filipino foods. I enjoyed singing the videoke and had fun in the parlor games even though we did not win.

Valentines Gifts from Hubby

I never thought that I will received something from my hubby last Valentines day because he was very busy. He woke up early and came home late from work. Friday night we went for a rush shopping, I bought ingredients for my mango float for the Valentines party, I noticed that he didn't bought card for me. Usually if there is a special occasion and he needs to get something for me and were together, he will just tell me not to pick. On our way home he told me he will just wake up early to get something for me. I told him, not to worry about it because I knew he was busy.

After i made the mango float, I supposed to do the laundry but it was very late in the evening so i decided to do it in the morning. Before I went to bed, I made a Valentines card for him and put it in the table beside our bed.

A warm kiss from my Hubby woke me up last Valentines day. He told me how snicky I was for the Valentines card I made for him. When I open the door to where the washing machine is, I saw flowers,teddy bear, card and chocolate on top of it. I shouted his name and run to him,gave him a hug and a kiss and pinch him! LOL!! because i already told him no more chocolate for me.