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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Follow Up

Last Monday I went to see my Dr. for follow up check up for my hypothyroidism. The Dr. explained to me everything. She told me to get active, exercise and do some serious diet. I gain too much weight, over weight for a 4"11 Filipina, 130.8 lbs. When the Dr. told me to do some serious diet so i will sexy, my Hubby react, He told the Dr. he doesn't like skinny women and that my size is fine. Grrrr....i want to keep his butt! LOL!

So far I feel better everyday. My hubby always remind me to take my medicine. Sometimes if he forgot to remind me, he called just to remind about my medicine. My Sister in the Philippines have the same case as mine and we take same medicine. So i guess it's in the blood or hereditary to have hypothyroidism.

My Hubby grab the opportunity when were at the Dr.'s office, He also had his check up, just for round up! It's been a while he did not undergo check up. He have some issues on his knee, a little cyst in his belly, so i told him to see a Dr. before it's too late. Glad he listened to me. Last Wednesday, the Dr. called here at the house telling she already had the results of my Hubby's blood work, knee x-ray and stomach x-ray. Thanks God, the cyst is just an ordinary cyst, no big deal about it and the knee is fine. He have some problems on his cholesterol, it is low. He have to take medication and bring it up to the normal level. Low cholesterol can cause heart problems and etc. if not being medicated. Another problem is his Triglycerides, it is very high 342 and the normal is 150. The Dr. advise him to stop or cut down eating foods with starch. I don't know why he is high on that, to think he just eat popcorn for dinner. He ate rice, fries and potato sometimes but very rare since he gain weight.

Were going to see the Dr. on the 28th for another follow up, another blood test for me,another needle experience. My Hubby will have his follow up too. The Dr. will give his medication for the cholesterol and give us diet plan, his Dr. is my Dr. too.