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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Passport Renewal & Report of Marriage

I will go to Fort Lauder dale on Monday, Oct. 5 to Renew my Passport and Report our Marriage in the Philippine Consulate Office. I already called for my appointment and everything is all set. First time I will be on that side of Florida, I'm excited to see Miami, only a few minutes from Lauder dale. I'm even more excited to drive in the interstate..Everything that is first is fun, exciting and challenging..I'll keep my finger cross..

Falls is Here!

This morning i went out to put mail on the mailbox, I was surprised when i opened the door, a cool fresh air hit on me. It put smile on my face, at last! summer is over! Now, we can start riding our bikes again, can't wait to be outside.It will be a big help for my diet, burn more fats. This time Roberta have her own bike , I'm sure she will surely love to be outside. Enough for now ,of like being prisoners, staying inside the house 24/7, damn weather is as hot as hell, yucks!

Today, i saved electricity, I did not turn on the A/C in the living room and i opened the windows for the first time of this year.

Driving Updates

Past weekend, my Hubby let me drove on the back roads, I hate it! I don't like the back roads,grrrrr....! I am not yet confident with my driving and I don't trust my driving. My Hubby always told me that I'm doing great, even if I'm not. I'm just so bless with him because he is very patient, instead of he will yield at me, I'll be the one to yield at him, then he will stop talking. LOL!
So far no wreck, one thing he's been proud of. We talked to some Filipinas here and they share their driving experienced, some of them had a wreck while practicing.
I still have to work on reverse, i had a rough time in doing the back up and make my self pay attention to the road and not to the instructor who is very talkative...LOL!! I am planning of taking actual exam before this year end. Pray for me guys!

Back to Normal

My Dr. called me yesterday telling me about the result of my blood work. My thyroid is back to the normal range,mean to say my thyroid is making enough hormones now.I had a relief. I still have to continue taking my medication for 2 months to stabilize the condition. Thanks God for the fast recovery.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Serious Diet

Yesterday, me and my hubby had our Dr.'s appointment. I had my blood work for my thyroid and my hubby had some discussion about his weight. His triglycerides are way up high. Our Dr. put us on a serious diet. The Dr. gave us some list of what to eat and what not to eat. She told me to eat brown rice instead of white, I tried brown rice before but I didn't like it but I'm willing to try it agian. We wanted to start our diet right away but we still have plenty of food in the ref. that we bought last weekend, so we decided to start it this weekend, but we already adjusted our meal. I just ate 1 cup of rice, drink plenty of water and ate fruits. I boiled veggies and sprinkle a very little salt, it was tasteless..yuck! My tummy starts to rumble now, I'm very hungry already. I hope i can survive,I know it's hard but i really wanted to lose some weight and win back my weight before.I know my Hubby can survive, he done this before and he succeed.

Yesterday, i weight 130 lbs., Just now I weight 129 lbs...i already lose 1 lbs..hopefully this will work out fine..wish me good luck! heheh