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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Passport Renewal & Report of Marriage

I will go to Fort Lauder dale on Monday, Oct. 5 to Renew my Passport and Report our Marriage in the Philippine Consulate Office. I already called for my appointment and everything is all set. First time I will be on that side of Florida, I'm excited to see Miami, only a few minutes from Lauder dale. I'm even more excited to drive in the interstate..Everything that is first is fun, exciting and challenging..I'll keep my finger cross..


Lulu said...

dat balitae unya ko sa report of marriage and passport renewal ha... mo expire na akong passport sa january pero plano man gud ko apply Citizenship next year mao not sure ko if i need to renew my phil passport

ronin said...

Pwede nana nimo e renew imong takes 2 months ang renewal..ang report of marriage, igo lng man to ipada sa NSO then hatagan lng tag 1 copy..So wait lng ko Dec. pohon ...sultian ra nya tika..