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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Driving Updates

Past weekend, my Hubby let me drove on the back roads, I hate it! I don't like the back roads,grrrrr....! I am not yet confident with my driving and I don't trust my driving. My Hubby always told me that I'm doing great, even if I'm not. I'm just so bless with him because he is very patient, instead of he will yield at me, I'll be the one to yield at him, then he will stop talking. LOL!
So far no wreck, one thing he's been proud of. We talked to some Filipinas here and they share their driving experienced, some of them had a wreck while practicing.
I still have to work on reverse, i had a rough time in doing the back up and make my self pay attention to the road and not to the instructor who is very talkative...LOL!! I am planning of taking actual exam before this year end. Pray for me guys!