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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kulas Birthday

Today is my hubby's birthday. We woke up early, my Mom in the Philippines texted us around 4 a.m., she was online with my Sister just to greet my hubby a Happy Birthday. Kiray first saw the Birthday banner I hang on the wall made by my mom, When my hubby saw it, he had a big smile on his face, he never thought that he had a banner. After that I handed to him our homemade birthday cards and our gift to him. So glad he like what he got. I bake him a cake and treat him to dinner. I'm so happy seeing him very happy with the small surprises i gave to him. His entire family thanked me for making Rob very happy.

I can't wait to see his reaction tomorrow, I know things will turn just right as what have plan, specially they cancelled their plan of going to Ocala tomorrow. I keep my fingers cross.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Safety Achievement Award

My hubby was being choose as one of the winners of the Safety Achievement Program in their Company from the period of Oct. to Dec. 08. He received a $50 American Express gift certificate. I am so proud of my Hubby because he is very dedicated to his job.

To my Kulas, keep up the good work. 5254!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm in Trouble

Me and my Sister in law decided to give a join birthday party for our hubby's this Sunday.The other day we went out to get some stuff for the party, we order cake, a Disney character cake...LOL!!! and we went to the park where the party to be held. My excuse to my Hubby was I hang out with my Filipina friend and my friend didn't show up so I ended up going out with my Sister in law. Every things needed for the party is now ready, but I am not sure if the celebrants are ready as my brother in law had a plan of going to Ocala this Sunday and he wants to bring my hubby..huh uh..

My hubby already asked permission from me about going to Ocala, I agree but I told him to send us to the park first, he said, he will let my Sister in law send me to the park..hehehehehe...omg!!!

I really don't know what excuse I'm going to make now. I just hope that this surprise party will be a surprise one, if not I'll be very disappointed and I will kick his butt...joke!!! heheeh

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Salon Trip

Last Saturday after our grocery shopping, we went to the salon for our haircut. I wanted my hair to be fix as it is so dry and lots of split ends. I asked the hair styler if they do hair relax ,hair rebounding & hot oil. I was surprised with her because she told me they don't have that services. She even asked me why I wanted my hair to be relax! I was so grrr!!! with her question. I don't know if she's blind (which is not ) she did not feel my hair so messed up. She did not follow instructions too. My Hubby told me that here, they are really poor when it comes to that services. Despite of what I've experienced I still want visit the salon sometimes but I will research first a Salon that have a good service and affordable.

My Mom's Birthday

Today is my Mom's 61st birthday.I called her today and we greeted her Happy birthday. She was laughing on the phone, I feel so relieved because most of the time we talked on the phone she's crying! She misses us so much,specially Kiray. I felt so bad because the package that I sent to her for her birthday did not arrive yet. I mailed it Jan. 09 and the postman told me that it will arrive before her birthday. I'm hoping that the package will arrive soon. I know how bad the Philippine Postal when it comes to packages from foreign countries.
We talked for about an hour, she didn't want to say bye, but when I told her about my phone bill last Dec. that cost 157 bucks...she freak out and say bye..LOL!!!

Hot Mama

To my Mader, Happy Birthday! We Love you and We miss you!

Late Birthday Present

I received a late birthday present from my Mom in the Philippines last Friday. A birthday banner, Even though it was late, I was so happy when I saw it.She already told me that she sent a letter for me but I never expect it also had a banner. She also sent a birthday card and a birthday banner for my hubby as he will celebrate his birthday this coming Feb. 07. When my hubby saw the banner for me, he asked me if Mama also sent a banner for him, I lie! I told him no, he feel bad and he looked upset. I feel guilty looking at him sad so I gave to him the birthday card, he was very happy with the card specially it was a home made card. I kept his birthday banner for his big day as I am going to give him a surprise party as pay back of the surprise party he gave me.