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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm in Trouble

Me and my Sister in law decided to give a join birthday party for our hubby's this Sunday.The other day we went out to get some stuff for the party, we order cake, a Disney character cake...LOL!!! and we went to the park where the party to be held. My excuse to my Hubby was I hang out with my Filipina friend and my friend didn't show up so I ended up going out with my Sister in law. Every things needed for the party is now ready, but I am not sure if the celebrants are ready as my brother in law had a plan of going to Ocala this Sunday and he wants to bring my hubby..huh uh..

My hubby already asked permission from me about going to Ocala, I agree but I told him to send us to the park first, he said, he will let my Sister in law send me to the park..hehehehehe...omg!!!

I really don't know what excuse I'm going to make now. I just hope that this surprise party will be a surprise one, if not I'll be very disappointed and I will kick his butt...joke!!! heheeh