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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kulas Birthday

Today is my hubby's birthday. We woke up early, my Mom in the Philippines texted us around 4 a.m., she was online with my Sister just to greet my hubby a Happy Birthday. Kiray first saw the Birthday banner I hang on the wall made by my mom, When my hubby saw it, he had a big smile on his face, he never thought that he had a banner. After that I handed to him our homemade birthday cards and our gift to him. So glad he like what he got. I bake him a cake and treat him to dinner. I'm so happy seeing him very happy with the small surprises i gave to him. His entire family thanked me for making Rob very happy.

I can't wait to see his reaction tomorrow, I know things will turn just right as what have plan, specially they cancelled their plan of going to Ocala tomorrow. I keep my fingers cross.