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Friday, August 15, 2008

Kiray's 1st haircut

I had a hard time cutting the hair of my little Kiray today,she just turned 1 last July 28 and her hair already covered her face,I did not bring her to the parlor because I know she will just scream,and if she scream..ewwww!! your ear drum will explode.First time i do a haircut and it happens to be with my own little girl..poor kiray!! I'm doing my best to have a good result but she did not cooperate,well!! the result was not really bad since Kiray have a chinese beauty,now her hair looks like the korean actresses,despite of her new zigzag hair style she still looks pretty and adorable.As of now I am waiting for her Tatay to see Kiray's hair,I just hope he will not call 911 and let him put me to!!!