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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Road trip..Destination Orlando

at russell's


My Hubby used to call me everyday on his way home, yesterday after talking to him telling me he's on his way home, he called back. I was surprised and kinda nervous, it was unusual. When i asked him why he called back, he told me that were going to resume our road trip, we stop it since we had our vacation in St. Augustine. I was very happy, I told her I'm doing fine and I'm not homesick. He really insist I need to go out sometimes and that he miss our road trips also. Sense I've been craving for pork liver and he want to eat liver also so he choose Orlando as our destination.Will be going to the Oriental Store first for grocery shopping. He also wants to see the B52 bomber. He mention a lot of places, including the street were the GRO's can be seen..LOL!!! He always passed there there, almost everyday and he kept on telling me about the girls that she saw on the streets. He said we will pass by the International drive were all the scenic place were found like the wet&wild,aquatica,replays and universal studios..I didn't slept good last night, so excited.

Today, it all happened. We went to Orlando, shopped at the Oriental Store, very busy cos it's weekend. First thing we got is the pork liver, I bought 5 packs, fish, vegetables, pansit canton, palabok and seasonings. Then as planned we passed by the street were to find the GRO's, unlucky i did not saw one. Then to the bomber plane, it was a huge..huge..plane. I looked like an ant when i stood beside the plane. The weather turn bad, it started to rain..we drove fast to the International drive, so nice there. I want him to stop the car and took some pics. but my Hubby just told me we will go back there some other time, I feel so bad! grrrrrrrrrrrr... the rain starts to pore also. It hurts so bad but I cant do anything, my driver doesnt want to stop. He knew i feel so bad so he stopped at the Russell's candy store, I ate all different kinds of samples just to forgot the International drive but still it ain't working! My Hubby promise me that we will go back there, just dont know when..:(

All for now...will attend church tomorrow and give our son a surprise b-day party..

night folks!!!