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Sunday, April 19, 2009

2nd and 9th Anniversary

Today is our second year Anniversary of knowing each other and 9Th month Anniversary of being married. I received a card from him yesterday, very funny because he wanted to gave that card today but he failed to gave it. On the car way home from a birthday party yesterday,he asked me if I had a pen, I told him no. SO i tried to open the console of the car to find a pen, he said, never mind and he put his hand on the console, I tried to get his arms and he told, no pen inside. I knew he always put pen in the console. I asked him whats inside, why you doesn't want me to open it. He smiled and said, something for you, suppose to be a surprise for tomorrow,but not anymore. I was laughing..He was so cute when he said that. I open the console and saw a card. He is so sweet and thoughtful. Despite of his busy schedule,he always remember our special day. Friday night, he stop at Winn Dixie to bought condense milk, so he grab the time and bought anniversary card too.

I felt guilty because I have nothing to give, even a card. Last night before we went to bed, he was busy reading his book so i grab the opportunity to think of what to gave, It came up to my mind...I made a small banner, I wrote a dedication in it. I took a picture of my self holding the banner. I took the picture inside our bathroom..He called me , i told him I Poo..LOL!! I printed it right away and by the time he was about to brush his teeth, I inserted the picture in the mirror for him to see it. He was surprised and told me snikky...LOL..cos i made it fast. He was suspecting I did something unusual because I went to the bathroom twice. He was very with the card. We had our family lunch today, I didn't knew he brought the picture, He let his family saw it. I am so amazed with him because he appreciate every little things i gave and did to him.

I thank God everyday for giving me a very wonderful husband.