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Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Mom's Birthday

Today is my Mom's 61st birthday.I called her today and we greeted her Happy birthday. She was laughing on the phone, I feel so relieved because most of the time we talked on the phone she's crying! She misses us so much,specially Kiray. I felt so bad because the package that I sent to her for her birthday did not arrive yet. I mailed it Jan. 09 and the postman told me that it will arrive before her birthday. I'm hoping that the package will arrive soon. I know how bad the Philippine Postal when it comes to packages from foreign countries.
We talked for about an hour, she didn't want to say bye, but when I told her about my phone bill last Dec. that cost 157 bucks...she freak out and say bye..LOL!!!

Hot Mama

To my Mader, Happy Birthday! We Love you and We miss you!