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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Long Lost Bff............She's back!

Just received a txt message from my Mom, My heart jumped for Joy when i read the txt. My Bff Kuya Nerissa texted her after a very long time, asking where I am now, my number and my e-mail address. I've been looking for her in friendster, facebook, and even posted at the bulletin in friendster but i did not received any response. My Mom said that she needs help, her Mom will undergo surgery operation and that she is in the hospital attending her Mom. I called my Mom right away and asked her cellphone number. I called Kuya Nerissa but the darn signal was so bad! it's cutting on and off, but i did not put the phone down. I'm dying to hear her voice. Got tears in my eyes when i heard her voice, i don't understand what she's saying but i knew she knew it was me. I sent her a text message telling her i will call again tomorrow. It's late in the evening but I don't feel sleepy yet. I am so happy and excited to hear about Kuya Neri. She is my Bff in Bohol. She's like a younger Sister to me. SOmetimes i got jealous cos she is close to my Mom. People think were crazy cos everytime were together, were so wacky and the name we called each other is kinda weird too. She called me Mami Ninz and I called her Kuya Neri.

I lost communication with her because my cellphone was stolen. Now that our communication is back, I will never lose her again.