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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy Life..

It's been a while I don't have any update with my blog. I was busy with my life in the past days, busy preparing for Christmas, decorating, did online shopping for gifts, which I don't like. Today we roam around, get few more gifts for family and friends and thank God it's all done.
I also send today Christmas cards and few stuff things for my family in the Philippines.I just hope they will receive it before Christmas. I still have to write Christmas cards for my family and friends sucks! I love to write but I don't like seeing my penmanship!! it's so eww!! plus I can't straight without a line!! My gracious!!!
For those who can receive Christmas cards from me! pls. don't mind the's the thought that counts.
This all for now, I still have to wrap the gifts that we bought.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!