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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My 1st Christmas in the US

I'm back again! It's been a while I did not visit my blog, I was so busy and tired and a little sick after our long Christmas vacation.

My 1st Christmas here in the US was awesome!Despite of the long travel and pain in the butt in going to Virginia,It was a 13 hours drive and my baby was not enjoying it.She was so cranky inside the car but luckily we manage her to calm down and enjoy the trip.We spent 5 days in Fancy Gap Virginia with my parents in law.The weather there was cold, I was freezing to death.Mostly we just stayed inside the house as it was so fogy, we can't see anything!I was a little disappointed because no snow!

I gain 3 kilos for 5 days! I felt so bad about it but I cant resist the foods!! My Mom in law prepared a lot of foods,but no Filipino foods!! hehehe...I brought 1 Tupperware of rice when i went there,I started cooking it on the second night,I cannot live without rice.

The best 2 parts of our vacation is seeing the beauty of Virginia and opening the Christmas gifts..First time I received a bounce of gifts and I feel like a child so excited waking up in the morning to opened the gifts.Virginia is a very beautiful place,very clean and have the fresh Izzy water. My hubby and I were planning to get a property there by the time he retired.