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Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Friday!

My pinay friend Myla with her hubby Joe

It's friday again!! So happy when friday come because It means i will be able to spent the following two days with my hubby.This morning my pinay friend called and invited us to go boating tomorrow with our another pinay friend,without asking my hubby i answered!! I know my hubby will agree also co'z I know he loves to go boating too..Just finished cooking dinner so by the time will hubby will come home to work,we can eat our dinner and rush to walmart get few stuff for tomorrow,I'm so excited and can't wait to ride the pantoom boat of Joe and Myla!!


MAE said...

hello dat, thanks for the visit...e add pod ko ha..
my 2 blogs:

salamat dat, balik-balik nya ha?hehe