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Monday, January 19, 2009

My Most memorable Birthday Ever

I celebrated my 29th birthday last Sunday with a blast. It was my most memorable birthday ever. My Hubby gave me a surprise birthday party. I was telling him not to throw me a party, but being the most super gwapo, romantic, loving, caring and HH he is, he secretly planned me a surprise birthday party.

The party was held at the Bowling Alley, The entire family was there.I was in tears because of so much happiness. They all asked me if I had a clue about the party, My hubby act suspiciously but I had no clue that it's for my birthday. I was a little embarrassed of my self because I was only wearing a pair of shorts and a sneaker, I looked so in formal.

I really had a wonderful time and I enjoyed it a lot. I can't imagine how fortunate I am having a Bana that is so wonderful. Thank you so much Mahal!! 5254!!

My Hubby's birthday is fast approaching, Now i already start planning about giving him a surprise party too!


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Happy birthday, Adat. You look very happy then. That is a good sign.
By the way, you asked me where in Florida we will move, it will be in Naples.
Thanks. :)