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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vista Tutoring

I remember when I was still a student, one reason I don't like going to school is the Math subject. I don't like it since the very first day my teacher introduce that subject to me. I find it hard understanding the numbers. I tried so hard but I guess it wasn't good enough because it came to the point that I drop my Algebra class in College. I feel so bad every time I remember what i did. How i wish i find any Math help that time.

Now that I'm already a Mom, I am concern about my daughter as she will attend school soon. I'm wondering if she will like the Math subject or hate it like what i did, I hope not. I will not wait for that time to happen. Me and my Hubby like to look ahead. We have plans of getting her a tutor in the future in case things will not work out fine.

As a stay home Mom, I used my vacant time in surfing the net, looking for good deals, joining online contest and so fort. Then i found this very interesting site called TutorVista. It is the leading Online math tutoring website. I've heard a lot about online education, but I didn't know that there is also an Online math help that is available now. This site is the one I'm looking for my daughter. They specialize in K-12, back to school and college tutoring. They offers Free Online math help, they allow you to use there free demo service and let you experience the benefits of tutoring yourself. Not just that, they have 24x7 private tutoring available. They also offers the very reasonable monthly tutoring package prize for all subjects and use there services anytime you want to. Now, I don't have to worry about my daughter. If she starts to hate math, I already know where to find help.