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Saturday, November 14, 2009

First yard sale

I had some few things that I get rid off and some free stuff i got from craiglist,I feel so bored, so I decided to have a yard sale. I had it today, My First yard sale didn't turned out great. I only had few costumers and I only earn $ 2 dollars.LOL! I started my yard sale at 9:45 am up to 1 pm. There were customers who dropped by and asked some items that I don't have, gosh!! I'm just having a yard sale, I'm not walmart! It was a nice experience even though I didn't sell much. My niece who help me was kinda disappointed cos it was her 1st yard sale also and she only earn 20 cents.LOL! She brought some stuff that she get rid off and help me put up the items also. AT the end of our yard sale I gave her $1 bucks so she will not be totally upset. My Hubby felt bad because she was expecting many will come cos the weather was cool.

Even though the first experienced didn't turn out good, I will still hold another yard sale in the future. On that time I will make it sure I have plenty of items.