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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


As a Filipino, it is very important for me not to miss what's going on in my Country. Few months after I arrived here in the US, I started missing the news and my favorite tv shows in the Philippines. I asked my Hubby if we can transfer to another satellite network company, I heard that Directv offer the Tfc. He called right away and set for appointment. After few days, we had our Tfc. Thanks to Direct TV, since we had our Tfc my life has change. I don't feel homesick anymore. Now I am updated with the latest news and events in my country and able to see my favorite tele nobelas.

Now me and my Hubby are planning of moving on to another County. We want to live near to his working place. First thing I asked is about my directv. He was teasing me that were going to still have our Direct TV in Florida sense were just moving to another County. He knew I can't live without it. I sleep, I eat and woke up with it, not because they have Tfc but because they have good services and a lot more to offer for their customers that we did not find in the other satellite network that we subscribe to before. Also, directv is a little cheaper compare to other networks. With or without Tfc i will definetly subscribe and stock for life with Directv.