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Friday, January 16, 2009

My Birthday Wish List

My Hubby asked me what I want for my Birthday. I'm confused of what to tell him because there's a lot in my mind! He asked for my wish list, I wrote a wish list but I did not give it to him because we are a little tight of our finances this time. He asked me if I want something for the house or for myself,I just answered him...never mind.

Yesterday, I was very surprised,a FedEx van park in our yard,it was a delivery, the delivery man carrying a Big box and he just put it in our front door. When I check the addressee it's for my Hubby.I am very much sure that what's inside the box is for me. No other reason that he will order something online without telling me.
Around 3 p.m. he called and telling me to open the front door and look if there is a box,I teased him! I told him yes and I already opened it. He freak out!!!LOL !!!
Then he told me,no cheating because the package is his birthday present for me. He is so sweet!

To my Mahal, Thank you so much!!5254!!

Studio Trip

Last weekend, We went to Picture Me studio for Roberta's I.D. picture for our A.O.S, she did not behave,Se was fussing but not as bad as before on the other Studio that we been to. The photographer was having a hard time on her, She did everything to make Roberta face the camera. She took five shots, for the five shots that she took, their was one shot that Roberta faced the cam but she was looking up. I sense the photographer was tired and she was convincing us to get that shot.So we decided to have that shot. Hopefully the USCIS will give consideration to it.

Dried Fish

One of my favorite Filipino food is the dried fish (buwad).It is consider as most Filipino's true delicacy and daily food. Mostly caught and dried by local fishermen and exported to the cities.
When I arrived her in the U.S. the first thing that came into my mind was if there a dried fish here? So glad there is a Asian Store. The first time I went to the Asian store they were out of dried fish. So glad my Hubby found another Asian store and they have dried fish but not the dried fish that I've been looking..I bought a small pack and cook it right away.
My Hubby loves Filipino food but not the dried fish.Last weekend I bought another pack of dried fish and this time it's the buwad that I'm craving for..the boneless danggit.It is expensive but it's worthy.I did not mind the prize as long as I can eat the danggit! A small creature but with a good taste.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home Late

I'm waiting for my Hubby to be home from work. It has been 2 nights straight that he have over time, tonight is the longest over time he have.I wanted to sleep but I can't sleep knowing that he's not on my side. I pity him working in the cold weather and with an empty stomach. It's almost midnight now but the phone did not ring yet, he told me that he will call me if his already on his way home.

Opppssss..he just called..he is still on the paving site..he will be home at 2 a.m.!
I will dive now,can't wait for him to be home..I'm so sleepy, my heart beats fast because of being worried to much. Time to relax now..

Night everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Doing Nothing

I woke up early this morning but so far I've done nothing,ohhh!!!...just surfing the net..hehehe..I feel so bored and lonely today, I am homesick again..
I don't know until when this feelings gone..I'm so tired of this!!
Before ,when I feel homesick,I will tell my hubby about it,but now..I just keep it because he will feel bad and sad if he will know that I'm homesick.

This is all for now.I will find something to amuse me..