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Friday, January 16, 2009

Dried Fish

One of my favorite Filipino food is the dried fish (buwad).It is consider as most Filipino's true delicacy and daily food. Mostly caught and dried by local fishermen and exported to the cities.
When I arrived her in the U.S. the first thing that came into my mind was if there a dried fish here? So glad there is a Asian Store. The first time I went to the Asian store they were out of dried fish. So glad my Hubby found another Asian store and they have dried fish but not the dried fish that I've been looking..I bought a small pack and cook it right away.
My Hubby loves Filipino food but not the dried fish.Last weekend I bought another pack of dried fish and this time it's the buwad that I'm craving for..the boneless danggit.It is expensive but it's worthy.I did not mind the prize as long as I can eat the danggit! A small creature but with a good taste.