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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pastor's Visit

Today was not a good day for me but it ended up good. We had some small discussion with my Hubby. Around 5 p.m. I fall asleep. Then he woke me up telling me to fix my self because we had some visitors. It's our Pastor and his family. Huh! it was an ambush..hehehe..I forgot it's Thursday and it's visitation day. We miss church last Sunday cos I was not feeling well, they been to Alabama the last 2 weeks so they didn't see us for a while. They always check on us and they are so proud of us because they see us being a happy couple and in love with each other. They are Filipino but grow up here in the US, they just have few Tagalog words, they sound funny when they speak Tagalog. They want me to cook crispy pata..this would be a challenge for me..heheh

There visit means a lot to us, I think it was for a reason, we had some issues and God send someone to make me feel better cos I'm not a fighter. I quit easily. The best thing that happened tonight was my Hubby accept God as his personal saviour. I am so happy and proud of him. Despite of us being lazy sometimes in going to church, God is always monitoring us. He doesnt want that we will go on the wrong path. He always came when he knows I needed him most.Thank you Father God.