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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dr.'s Visit

Yesterday I went to see my OB,when i called for an appointment and told them that I'm in pain they scheduled me right away. I drag my Sis in law to brought me to the Center, she work at night and slept during day time,I'm just lucky i have her as my Sis in law. When i got inside the center, I was called right away. Everything was fast. I talked to my OB and gave her all the details. She let me undergo again some blood test,urine test and vaginal sucks!! The result was just the same as before, I still have those tiny cyst and again she told me that their is no big deal on that tiny cyst. She told me that she didn't see any problem with my ovary. She will do some lab test on my blood and urine to see if i have kidney and thyroid problems. On my irregular period issue she was kinda confuse why until now I don't have my period yet. So she gave me medicine that will help me have my period, I have to take it for ten days. She also gave me birth control pills to be taken if i have my period, it will help regulate my blood and help my period back to it's normal cycle.

If after 10 days if I will not have my period, I have to call and set for another appointment and do more test. I really hope my period will come back to normal. I don't like going to the Dr.,spreading my legs for ultra sound and that needle thing..grrr!! it really sucks!!

If my period become normal after 1 month, I have to see my DR. after 3 months. She wants to see me before I will get pregnant. We are trying to have a baby but just delayed due to my health issues..So hopefully makabuo na..Can't wait to see my little Rob.


Lulu said...

birth control pills helped me regulate my menstrual cycle... it worked for me... sana it will work for you too...

bout the layout... just click mommy dhemz on my post ... she is the one that made it

ronin said...

hi Lu! hopefully it will work for me.pilay bayad pagpa layout?