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Thursday, February 12, 2009


I just received a call from my Ob Gyne, she called to let me know about the result of the blood test i had last Monday. On my previous blood test they found out that my thyroid was a little high, so they requested another test and thank God the result of the second test is negative. My thyroid is doing good and everything is fine. God is really good, He answer my prayers. I still have one thing to worry and it's the cyst on my ovary. Hopefully God will heal it also. So far I don't feel anymore pain since I took the pills. I have my follow up check up on the 20Th to find out if the cyst is still in my ovary. I am hoping that the cyst is already gone, I have two people who needs my care, so i really need to be 100% healthy.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Thanks God for the answered prayer. :) He is really good all the time.

ronin said...

yes, he is Grace...and I'm a living proof of how good He is.

I wont be here without His goodness, love and forgivess..