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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Friendster is really a wonderful site because on that site I found my long lost friend and the good news is my Friend is here in the U.S. Since the day I knew she is here, we talked almost everyday. Last Friday she send me a Ponds detox facial cream and I'm using it now. I've been waiting for my package from my Mom containing beauty products as my skin is so dry now and my pimples are showing back. I tried a lot of product here but it seems not good to my skin.

My hubby was teasing me that he will throw the cream because it's a whitening cream. I told him that if I will not use it..he cannot see me at 4 p.m....I was expecting that i will become lighter here but I'm wrong..I'm getting darker!

My bad!! God brought me to the place where the sun always shine.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Ronin, ganyan din gamit ko sa Pinas eh, pero naubos na. I bought Olay, ok na man ang result sa akin. Saan ka ba sa US?