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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat 09

We had so much fun past Halloween. We went trick or treating. This year i did not wear costume. My daughter wear a bamboo bee costume and she looks very pretty in it. She had more fun compare to last year as she she bigger now and not really pain in butt. She walked without complained, carrying her basket. Were trying to help her carry the basket as it was already heavy but she doesn't want us to helped her. She was not scared of those people who wear scary costume either. We went to a haunted house and what a shame..I was scared to death, I was so embarrassed. I was like a child holding tight on my Hubby's shirt. My daughter who supposed to be the one who get scared wasn't scared at all. When we got home, my Hubby ended up digging the candies in the basket and he first ate it.