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Monday, November 23, 2009

Blogging from Fancy Gap VA.

waiting for our food...

live Christmas trees

after lunch..

Inside the chapel, the fresco painting, 20 yrs. old but it didn't fade.

very nice view, just cant be seen due to the foggy weather.

deer along the road...

I am here in VA. with my family. We arrived here last night and we will stay until Friday. Were going to celebrate our Thanksgiving here with my Parents in law. It was raining all the way here and even today still raining. The weather was not really good, very foggy and so cold. When I woke up this morning the first thing i saw was the 3 deer. I took some pics of it but my cam was low battery. After our breakfast, we had our road trip. We reached north Carolina and seen some more deer and turkey along the road. Just a little disappointed because I thought I can still see the trees with there beautiful leaves, no more leaves left only the branches.
I also saw plenty of live Christmas trees for sale, to bad I already brought Christmas tree in Walmart.

It was a long day but I had a lot of fun. All for now, it's so cold...I'm freezing to death.