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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's day celebration

I celebrated my 2ND Mother's day with a blast. I woke up early Sunday morning, prepared breakfast. When i looked at the dining table, I saw a box and a envelope. When i get closer to it, I noticed that the card was for me, then i looked at the box, it was a Sewing machine. I was so surprised, I jumped and shout for joy, went to our bedroom and get my Bana a big hug and kisses. I had no idea how did he get the sewing machine. I mentioned to him before that I like to have one. He let our Son purchase the Sewing machine and put it in the shed. He woke up early to put it on the table. I slept like a rock, i didn't notice that he was gone for a while. It was really a big surprised for me because I told him that I just want a bra for Mother's day, we went shopping Saturday, I bought not only a bra. We ended our day taking road trips..destination Mt. Dora.

Now I am busy learning my new sewing machine. It is very different to the sewing machine i had back home in Philippines.

Mt. Dora Pics.


yen said...

maybe one for me soon