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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tsika with Mom

I called my Mom in the Philippines last night and we talked for one hour and 20 minutes. She told me my elder Bro made her an FS account, she have her latest pictures there and I'm so glad for that.Seeing her latest photo everyday really a big help ease my homesick. I really miss my Mom, and cant wait to see her again. Even my relatives were also happy seeing my Mom's FS because she is the darling of the crowd, she make every ones laugh with her jokes. That is why she is love by everybody in the family.

She will be online on Monday. She wants to see us, she misses ROberta so much..hmm..not on me..hehehe..
She told me also that there is already an Internet connection in the place where she live. I told my Hubby about it and we are planning of giving her a computer and applied for Internet so she don't have to go to a cafe.

Hopefully we can save money for my Mom's computer co'z I really want to see her everyday.


klivengood said...

That's good to hear, at least, mabawasan ang lungkot gamay...hehehe