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Friday, October 10, 2008

Alien Stuff

My hubby have some collections of stuff like cougar cars, star strek spaceship,old coins and this "ALIEN" stuff.At first I find it weird! He told me that before he put the big alien stuff in the car as his companion.Now this big alien stuff occupy our rocking chair.If we have some visitors the first thing they will see is this ugly looking alien setting on the chair,some likes it but most just freak out when they saw it.My daughter is scared of the mask,so every time she will not behave I will just wear the mask and she will cried to death.

Some of his cougar cars collection

two of his star strek spaceship,the others are hang in the shed.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

photo contest.. i need your votes

hello fellow bloggers! I joined this photo contest for babies hoping to win the 2,500 bucks,if it's not a scam..hehehe..but for us to win we need your support by simply voting the photo of my Kiray.It will take a little bit of time,do not use your legitimate email as they will send spam email after voting.Hope you guys will support us..Thank you! God Bless!!

here's the link:

Chassahowitzka River

I had a great weekend..Me and my family went to chassahowitzka River last Saturday.We went boating,watching the beauty of nature and it's wild life.It's a nice river and most part of the river are shallow specially during low tide,my hubby and my step son pushing and pulling our boat as it was very hard to paddle..The best part of it is the spring and the caves,were u can swim from one cave to another.We spend the whole day boating,feeding the fish an swimming in the chili water.

Chassahowitzka river is one of the more scenic rivers in Florida.Accessible only by boat or canoe, the Chassahowitzka River is one of the state's Outstanding Florida Waters. Because of its natural importance to Florida, it received this designation and was given special protection to maintain its existing water quality conditions.

shallow river,because it's low tide..hehehe

me..enjoying the chili water

My hubby with our little girl..they stick together..

Snake Bird..First time i saw a bird that can swim under water.

Kiray loves the water..she didn't feel cold!

the Spring and the cave

chassahowitzka boat ramp