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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our new Pet!

After my trip to the health department yesterday, We went to the Animal shelter.Me and my hubby were planning of having a pet.I really wanted to have a pet dog but we already have one so we decided of having a pet cat or kitten.When we get inside the office of the Animal Shelter,I saw a big cat weights 20 heavy as Kiray.I told my hubby I wanted to have a cat like that.He laughs at me because he doesn't want to have a pet that big!When we start looking at the cats and kittens I saw this regular size of cat which really look like my cat in the Phils.,the personnel told me that he is a friendly land laid back cat, I keep on looking and I can't decide which because I wanted to have that 20 pounds cat I saw in the office.My hubby like the little kitten, When i look at it..ahhh! she looks unhappy.The personnel told me if I really like to have that big cat,she can show me another one but not that one in the office because the one in the office is the official mascot of the Animal Shelter.So the personnel get the big cat..OMG!! whatta cat,I don't like him because he is not as cute as the one inside the office.I had a hard time choosing..but in the end I decided to choose the regular size cat that I saw first.Glad my hubby like it too as he is also looking for a laid back cat and a friendly one.
Doing the paper work for adopting a pet, sucks!! It took 2 hours!! I thought after choosing the cat we can take him home right away. I also thought that we will just pay a small amount for the cat, but I was wrong...It cost 70 bucks for the cat i adopted.
Now we have a new companion here at home.But I noticed one thing about my new cat, I did not heard him saying Meow!!! His name is Puff in the animal shelter but i called him Memeng, the Filipino way in calling a cat.

Puff "Memeng" Nichols

Me and my new pet Puff/Memeng

George, the animal shelter mascot