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Thursday, October 2, 2008


When I woke up last Monday morning to prepared lunch for my hubby I notice that their is something in my head, When i touched it It's a BUMP!! I was surprised, and questioned myself how come there's a bump on my head.I really don't know why! I never bump my head!!It's a little painful,I keep an eye on it and I thought it is just a bite of an ant.Yesterday my hubby wanted me to see a Dr. he let my sister in law brought me to the Dr. but I did not go,it was a very short notice and I was not ready to go specially I'm scared to see Dr.,Last night I start to feel pain and the bump is swelling,Today it's worst because it really hurts and painful if I have to move my head,it is located in the back bottom part of my head.I guess i really have to see a Dr.,I hope my hubby my accompany me and will not someone bring me to the Dr.

to be continue..