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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn is Here!!

I'm freezing to death now,the temperature today is 40 degree,last night it was 37 degree,I feel like I'm inside the refrigerator.When I arrived here Florida last June, I can't wait for the winter as it was so HOT! now the excitement is gone.It is still fall but it is very cold already!How much more in the winter!!My hubby told me that tonight the temperature will be below 0 degree,OMG!!


Carolyn said...

hi yam,tugnaw na diay pod diha? abi nako ug permi init ang florida hehhee kay ang taga dire man gud kay moanha ug florida basta winter..dire tugnaw na pod but i'm looking forward for the snow kay daghan pod ug winter activity dire..

kumosta na?