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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


i look great with

relaxing after the pain in a butt..he doesnt like the texture paint,but i love it,so he has no choice but to follow my desire...plain white with texture paint

our little girl sat the whole day in her high chair while were painting..u can see the old paint,it's dirty white with gold and black sponge design..i dont like it!!

Yesterday, Sept. 1, 08 Labor Day,suppose to be a holiday but were so much labored.Me and my hubby did some paintings in our house,that was my first time doing painting and it's not easy!gosh..!! but it's worthy because it makes our house brighter.When i arrived here in my new house I really don't like the color of the walls,It was so dark,all are dark,the walls and the floor.I have to turn on the lights during day time to make our house brighter.My hubby's X doesnt have a taste in choosing color and in decorating a bad! just being honest..!!heheh..She was using wall papers and it took me 1 month removing the wall papers.We are not yet finish painting the walls but were going to finish it this week.


Carolyn said...

hi you have your blog now eh? hehhee that's good to know..pls add me in your friends list..i have 5 are the links


pls give me shout if ma add na nimo ha..i will add you in my friends list too..thanks yam

Jenny said...

hi Dat, its me Jenn.. i add ko sa imo blog ha, then visit pud didto.. thanks!